Did you have your colonoscopy yet? Has Crohn’s been ruled out?

Nope, September 15th is the big day. I was positive that it wasn’t c diff, I would never have gone to work if there was any inkling that that was what it was at all. That was just a joke my coworkers liked to use to tease me. 

My GI is leaning towards Crohn’s, but also is checking for UC and diverticulitis. She said normally they would start with less invasive tests but I have a family history of colon cancer, colon polyps, and diverticulitis, so might as well get it over with.

Her other theory is a malabsorption disorder caused by certain sugars and/or sweeteners, which was a confusing conversation that we are putting on the back burner for now. 

So YOU have C Diff?

Nope! I’ve been having some GI issues lately and the symptoms were somewhat similar to C Diff, so in addition to everything else we were testing for, my GI threw a c diff test into my lab work as well. Then I got an ominous phone call from the doctor’s office last night, and I just happened to have a couple patients who were all recently diagnosed with c diff. And then everyone at work was snickering about it all night. 

But I called them back this morning and everything came back WNL / negative. 


true dedication is blogging despite the fact that no one paying attention to you

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Guessssss who just stopped me to chat on my way to the garage!


My doctor left a voicemail saying to call back as soon as possible.

Lol soo are we thinking blood test was hinky, I owe money, or the c-diff came back positive?

Looking out on this GORGEOUS day as I get ready to leave for work *sadface*

Looking out on this GORGEOUS day as I get ready to leave for work *sadface*

My poor boy misses Mindy :(

My poor boy misses Mindy :(

Why did you just tell me that. Oh no.

I know.

Criminal Minds is on netflix.

Goodbye, world. See you never.


girls don’t like boys. girls like dresses with pockets and guardians of the galaxy

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And they don't need nurses on Long Island??


The nursing shortage is a lie! No hospitals will hire you unless you’ve already got that acute care experience.


Dear intern,

I’m sorry that the day nurse didn’t call the troubleshooter before a major trauma came in to take our patient’s PICC out. I’m sorry they didn’t do the 0630 EKG either. And I’m sorry the surgery fellow laughed and said no when you asked him to take the PICC out.

Do not take it out on me. Especially when you had allll day to do this shit and are now bothering me at 1530. I barely finished getting report… Hop off.

Ugh lost part of my assignment AGAIN… Lost my only totally independent patient!

Our house is literally full of cat stuff like litterboxes and toys and treats and catnip and theres an unopened 40lb bag of food and 2 tubs of litter….. And I obviously don’t want to replace Mindy but our house feels really weird after 25 years of cats.